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My website is down! I can't access it

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Relax! Your website is perfectly fine.

What likely happened is your IP address got placed on the firewall blocked due to too many failure login attempts onto the server.

This security policy is put in place to protect our clients and our server from being accessed by a 3rd party without authorization (brute force hacking). As we have seen an increase of brute force hacking attempts in the last couple of years.

Here is a quick video showing you how to unblock yourself from the firewall.

If you cannot view the video, here's the written instruction.

1) Log into our client dashboard

2) Once logged in, click on "My Products & Services" and then click on "View Details" or the row of the associated hosting account/package you are having trouble with.

3) Once the detail page has been loaded, you should see a tab for Check Firewall. This is where you could check to see if your IP is being blocked. If it is blocked, you will be given an option to unblock it.

If there is no indication of your IP being blocked after you have run the Firewall Block Checker, please contact us immediately so we could resolve this matter for you as soon as possible.

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