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List of common ProChatRooms error codes

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:: Domain Errors [DXMLE]
020320: Using a domain or sub-domain not included in your licence.

:: Settings Errors [SXMLSE, SXMLE]
1085: Error in Settings file norm tags not same eg <tag>blah</ttag>
1090: Error in Settings file norm angle brackets <>
2032: Settings file Not found on servers.

:: RTMP Errors [RTMP]
000000: Unknown Error....
000020: Unknown RTMP Type has been Passed....
023500: Need to ADD an RTMP Server Address.
023520: Need to ADD an RTMP Stream Name.

2300: NetConnection.Connect.AppShutdown
2302: NetConnection.Connect.Failed
2304: NetConnection.Connect.InvalidApp
2306: NetConnection.Connect.Rejected

2340: NetConnection.Call.BadVersion
2342: NetConnection.Call.Failed
2344: NetConnection.Call.Prohibited

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