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How to configure Magento to use SSL (https)

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To ensure your customer's data are securely transferred over the internet, a SSL or HTTPS connection is required for your website.

Here are the steps to properly configure Mangeto to use SSL

1) To configure Magento to work with your SSL certificate, first you need to login to your admin area and go to System -> Configuration.

2) Next, click on the Web link under the General tab in your left menu.

3) On this page, you will see many options that you can configure. However, focus only on the Secure tab. In it, make sure that you've set the Use Secure URLs in Frontend and Use Secure URLs in Admin to yes. Doing this will make your Magento application work with SSL for those parts of your site.

That's it! All your Magento store traffic should be done over SSL.

If you require a SSL certificate, please contact our sales team for pricing.

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